Thursday, April 10, 2014

The world is big enough for all of us!

I am in no competition with anyone and here’s why…
When God created me he created me with a specific purpose in mind that only I can fulfill in this world. He programmed in me what I ought to do in the sphere he placed me in. We can all be in the same profession or do similar things but there will always be a difference, there will always be something that sets Wendy apart from the rest and as such we are all uniquely made.
I believe we ought to discover and understand the unique purpose for which God created us and strive to live out that purpose in all we do and live out that purpose excellently. Pursuing excellence and doing  common things in an uncommon way is a better standard to aspire to than comparing  oneself to others whom might be doing what you do for a different purpose and reason.

Strive for excellence , do what you do best to make your mark in the world. Start making a difference where you are!