Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am a dreamer and a Diva at heart

I am a dreamer and a Diva at heart.

Most days I wake up and feel like a queen and some I wake up and feel like Table Mountain is on top of me. Whichever side of the bed I wake up on, it doesn't matter, I cherish every moment that I am alive. I have seen tough days and have been through the storms of life and I am testament that life does get better. I go through life fearlessly because I know God is with me and he has my best interest at heart and He made me for a great purpose. While I cannot say I fully comprehend what that purpose is that God created me for, I am guided by all the things that I am passionate about and by my dreams.

I am a big dreamer and my dreams are the wind beneath my wings. I have a vision of the kind of future I want even though it is not clear how and when I am going to get there.

I enjoy the finer things in life and I love beautiful things be it cars, houses, clothing you name it. I love the bling and because I do I am working hard to make sure that I can afford the bling lifestyle I aspire to live. I am not sure what my claim to fame is going to be but I am going to be famous and celebrated.

I have a soft spot in my heart for disabled people it breaks my heart that I can't do more than volunteer work here and there but I intend to make a significant contribution in future.

Even though for now my social life has been sacrificed at the altar of academics, I have a very active social life. I enjoy hanging out at nice places with friends. I also enjoy entertaining at home. I love cooking and experimenting with food. I try to live a healthy lifestyle so I do go to gym when I get the time in my busy schedule. I work part time, so between work and studies there's not much time left for anything.

Even though I have become a bit of a socialite in my circles, I love to spend time by myself either reading , writing, watching movies , cooking , it doesn't really matter what I do but there's times that I just want to be alone. That quality time with myself, besides times that I set aside to pray, keep me focused in life. That where I get to think and reflect on things and make choices and decisions.

The only down side about my life at the moment is that I am far away from my family and I miss them constantly and I miss all my friends back at home. I do plan on going back to Johannesburg some time but I am still not sure when that is going to happen.

I love my life with all the challenges that come with it. I love myself, every shape and fold in my body, although some days I don't like what I see in the mirror, most days I love every bit of me. I do have some bad habits but I do work on them. I am not perfect but I try every day to be a better person.

I have been blessed with friends that love, adore me and accept me just as I am. I love them all too and they know it. I love the diverse friendships that I have; each person adds value to my life in their own way.

"If you spend your whole life fearing a storm, you will never enjoy the sunshine" author unknown. These are the words that give me courage when I need it. That's Wendy Motsisi in a nutshell.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How do you step from the top of a 100 foot pole?

How do you step from the top of a 100 foot pole?


They say that all things are possible to them that believe. To step from the top of 100 foot pole one must have faith that they will be okay or they must be ready to die. Often life presents us with 100 foot poles and places us in positions where we need to step off.

It is a risk to step of at that height yet we are confronted with risks every single day, some bigger than others. It is a risk to cross or to drive on the road but we do it because we have to.

We have the flight or fight mechanisms built in our bodies naturally for this reason that life is full of risks and mostly risks that we cannot afford not to take. To avoid risks would be the equivalent of not living at all.

It is a risk to start a business, yet it is necessary when starting one is the only way that you can make money and do what you love. It is a risk to study a particular course because you might not get a job when you are done.

Life offers us no guarantees all that we can do is take calculated risks, which will make a difference between crossing the road safely as opposed to being at the top of a 100 foot pole where there is very little chance that you will live if you jump.




We are what we do

We are what we do

Looking at it from a career perspective and a social standing, we are what we do. Whether you like it or not people define you and judge you by what you do for a living.

People make assumptions about your character, your personality, lifestyle and how much you earn according to what you say you do for a living. What you do also determined whether or not some people want to date you or befriend you.

When people say they are networking often it just refers to deliberately going to a place to meet people that will help advance you one way or the other. So in that sense people are only worth what they can do to benefit others and all they are is what they do.

We are afraid of the wrong things

We are afraid of the wrong things


We pay for medical aid because we are afraid we might get sick or be involved in an accident and not be able to afford the medical care we need at that fateful time. We pay for security companies because we are afraid of losing our valuables to thieves.

The wrong things are the source of our fears. We are afraid of accidents but accidents are a result of some wrong doing. If it's a car crash, there is always a party that is wrong a car that malfunctioned causing the accidents.

All of the things we fear are a result of wrong things.



Fish falling from the sky

Fish falling from the sky

The government is notorious for bad service delivery however we have an Israelite syndrome dominating among some of our disadvantaged people. In the bible times a big exodus happened as they were going from bondage (Egypt) to the Promised Land (Canaan). Along the way the Israelites were constantly grumbling and complaining about everything and expected miracle from God and Moses all the time. The point is that the Israelites were provided with the necessities to along the way to the promise land that would be flowing with milk and honey. They had manna falling from heaven every single day and they had water flowing from rocks when they needed to drink yet even so the Israelites still found reason to complain and where even nostalgic.

The current state of social issues in South Africa is similar to that. Our promised land much like the American dream is a land where we have jobs, house and can afford all our basic human needs. While we are in a democracy we are still progressing towards that state of all the need met, yet in the process there's those that are expecting manna to fall from heaven and are not doing anything to get themselves in a better position by taking hold of whatever opportunities within their reach instead they are waiting for the ever so slow government to spoon feed them.

There are opportunities to learn how to make a living instead instead they choose to rely on hand outs and expect hand outs. As the saying goes "instead of giving a man fish, teach him how to fish". Some people just don't want learn how to fish yet even worse they expect fish to fall from the sky.