Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fish falling from the sky

Fish falling from the sky

The government is notorious for bad service delivery however we have an Israelite syndrome dominating among some of our disadvantaged people. In the bible times a big exodus happened as they were going from bondage (Egypt) to the Promised Land (Canaan). Along the way the Israelites were constantly grumbling and complaining about everything and expected miracle from God and Moses all the time. The point is that the Israelites were provided with the necessities to along the way to the promise land that would be flowing with milk and honey. They had manna falling from heaven every single day and they had water flowing from rocks when they needed to drink yet even so the Israelites still found reason to complain and where even nostalgic.

The current state of social issues in South Africa is similar to that. Our promised land much like the American dream is a land where we have jobs, house and can afford all our basic human needs. While we are in a democracy we are still progressing towards that state of all the need met, yet in the process there's those that are expecting manna to fall from heaven and are not doing anything to get themselves in a better position by taking hold of whatever opportunities within their reach instead they are waiting for the ever so slow government to spoon feed them.

There are opportunities to learn how to make a living instead instead they choose to rely on hand outs and expect hand outs. As the saying goes "instead of giving a man fish, teach him how to fish". Some people just don't want learn how to fish yet even worse they expect fish to fall from the sky.


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