Sunday, February 13, 2011

Designer PR

On the 29th January this year we had the annual JMB met. The hightlight of this event is always what various celebreties wore to the met ,who designed their outfits and which couple was the best dressed. There is always a theme to be followed and it changes from year to year.

For important occasions and events most people especially from the elite society insist on wearing something out of the ordinary and custom- made for various reasons. Some do it to impress, to stand out or just to get people talking and we have those who do it to make a statement about who they are and their status. A typical example being the opening of parliament. Bearing in mind that not all designer clothing look that great.

The approach to Public Relation be should like that of  a fashion designer to a high profile client. Each organisation has different  objectives that it would like to achieve and  the PR person should design a strategy that will achieve those objectives for the organisation.

Creativity is another charecteristic of  a designer that a PR person should have in abandance as well as know what the trends are. Theres always a fine line between being a trend setter and being badly offbeat. Just as designers know what fabric will work for which season and what colours make a great combination, so should a PR person know their own tools what will have the desired effect in reaching any organisational objectives.

While I know that there are many kinds of designers , I chose only one , which is fashion design to make my comparison. I believe that there are similarities in all design processes.

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  1. Very good example Wendy. I like your interpretation of topic. Nice one ;-)