Friday, February 25, 2011

Two people walked out of a building into a story

Two people walked out of a building into a story.


It was normal boring Thursday day night, but for Bruce and Mark it meant half price drought after burning the midnight oil at the news room while their girlfriends are watching chick flicks on TV at Mark's place. This is the night were Marks curfew was extended by two hours by his bully girlfriend. The pair had been best friends since kinder garden and did almost everything together much to the irritation of their girlfriends.

Bruce had always wanted to branch into being an investigative journalist and hated being stuck with writing obituaries, while Mark on the other hand was just happy being a community news journalist. Mark came from wealthy home and his parents forced him to get a degree in journalism and work in the family business. His father was world renown journalist of his time who retired to start his own publication which in was the best in its category of publications.


That night, Mark had a surprise for his friend. They had had conversations about living life to the fullest and trying something new. While Bruce was busy typing obituaries Mark went over to his desk and placed what looked like a sweet in a silver wrapper in front of him. Bruce looked up at Mark asked "what's this, are we buying each other sweets now?" "Just open it" replied Bruce with a grin in his face. 'What is this', oh gosh! Is this what I think it is? Mark exclaimed. "Yep it is" replied Bruce, tonight is the night. How do we do this I have never done this before? Asked Mark. Well I saw in one movie people using a straw to inhale it, replied Bruce nervously.


So shall we? Bruce asked after cutting a thick straw into two and laying the powdery white substance on the table and splitting it into rows.

Mark took the first line and they took turns till there was nothing left. They sat in silence for a few minutes each basking in the feeling.

Wow, this feels so great Bruce said. Yeah! Said Mark. So now that we've done this what next, what do we do with all this energy, Bruce asked in an almost screaming voice? I have an Idea, let's go to that abandoned barricaded building and see what's in it, said Mark excitedly and half leaping from his chair.

With that the pair left the Top News building and went to the one across. As they were about to cross the road the noticed a man dressed in police clothing lurking about in front of the building they wanted to get into, so they decided to stop and see what he is doing before approaching the building.

As they were standing planning their next move, now hiding behind the shadows so the police man won't see them they saw hooker approaching the police man. Both the police man and the woman went into the dark building. The police guy had the keys to open the place. Upon opening and entering the police man left the door unlocked. After a minute Bruce and Mark followed them in the building what welcomed them either than the sound of foots steps was a foul smell that they have never smelled in their lives yet they followed on to every direction that the police man and company were going, tip toeing. After a few minutes of a few minutes of the police man getting into one of the rooms in that dark scary building a little light went on inside the room, the pair had to find a hiding place so that their shadows are not seen.

After another few minutes that seemed like an eternity, the woman let out a frightening scream. While Mark and Bruce were contemplating going in to rescue her, the scream was followed by dead silence then the police man's foots step going out of the room. He looked out of the room then went back in to switch off the light and went out again. As he was walking and had just come pass Mark and Bruce's hiding place, Bruce had a jump at him, they struggled to the floor till Mark jumped on to help subdue the police man and tied him up with their belts. Mark went to find the light switch using the torch on his cell phone till he found it. Bruce joined him and they went into the room to see what had become of the woman and found her dead body along with another woman's decomposing body. They both sobered up at the sight and were overtaken shock. Mark decided to go see what was in the other rooms while Bruce called the police and their girlfriends and occasionally kicking the now unconscious police man. Mark came back with a more horrid look in his face, from the discovery of bones and more decomposing bodies in other rooms. And that became breaking news and in turns their story.

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