Sunday, February 27, 2011

If I were the boss?

If I were the boss ?

If I were a boss I would work hard to remain the boss and to be the best boss there is. Given that being a boss means managing people and processes I would adopt whatever leadership style suitable to get the work done efficiently, successfully and profitably. I would make sure that I keep learning and make sure that I know all that there is to know to stay on top of my game and in order make well informed decisions and sound strategies. The kind of leadership style that I choose would also be dependent on the organisational culture and the kind of people that I would be leading. I would make sure that my company attains and maintains a good reputation and that I also conduct myself in a respectable and professional manner at all times. I would good business ethic and etiquette and would encourage my employees to do the same. I would make sure that legal and fair labour practices are followed. "If you want a real return on your investment, never knowingly underpay an employee" Raymond Ackerman (A sprat to catch a mackerel). The people that one is leading are the ones that give the vision life.


As the saying goes "With great power comes great responsibility" I would take the responsibility just as long as it is accompanied by a fat pay cheque. I would want my lifestyle to reflect the fact that I am boss. My personal problems as a boss should not have finances to do with them especially when I do a great job of keeping a company profitable and successful, be it mine or someone else's.

I would own a mansion worth being featured on Top Billing, drive Top gear's sports car of the year and live a lavish lifestyle and afford all of it. Being a boss doesn't come easy, especially for people like me that don't just want token positions, it is hard work. I know because I am working on being a boss one day (studying and keeping a job is tough) and so the hard work has to pay off. Being boss is not for cowards as Raymond Ackerman puts it "Building a business requires 90% guts and 10% capital" as boss a lot rests on your shoulders. So at the end of a tough decision and profit making day as the boss I would want to go home and enjoy the de-stressing effect of my Jacuzzi and a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne. I would want to enjoy my retail therapy, spar treatment and meals at top restaurants. I would want to enjoy vacations at exotic Islands and fly in private jets. Yes this sounds like a wild dream but its attainable and I am not delusional about what it takes to get there, what it takes cannot be summed up in a one page blog. It takes character, patience and a whole lot of other stuff, add a good therapist for good measure and you are set.

And finally I were the boss, I would make sure that I feature in the Top women in business and politics publication and win a copious amount of awards in my lifetime. I would write books on how to be a great boss and retire a wealthy woman in every sense of the word.

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