Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Invest more in your brain than your weave dear sister!

In attempt to keep those who's attention span is less than that of a five year old, I will get the core of why I think it is particularly a good idea to invest in your brain than the weave that covers the scalp within which the brain is contained.

The women that have invested in their brains by getting educated can afford expensive weaves. I mean the higher you go with your level of education , the more your earning potential.

Couple your weave with a book to read,  see while you are getting it done you could improve your vocabulary and become a more interesting person just by reading a book.  Reading among other things , expands your  frame of reference , improves your vocabulary and sentence construction and these benefits will stay with you far longer than the weave will last.

Newspapers are also not that bad I promise , they will save you the embarrassment of looking all so beautiful and not knowing who the deputy president of the country you live is....

Dear sisters and divas we need to have a balanced diet to feed both our appearance and our brain capacity. Give both your body and your brain and your body a good workout for maximum impact.

Lets make beauty with brains the in thing. Be a woman of substance!

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