Friday, November 18, 2011

The sound of one hand clapping

Nothing irritates me like someone who can never see any good in anyone or anything. Such a person sucks the joy out of life and I have never seen someone like that make a meaningful progress in their life. The one thing that he/she does best is criticize other people and get a kick out of putting other people down.

There are a few people that still know how to give  a genuine complement where its due and even less people who offer encouragement to a person in need of it.

The kind of complements if at all that one hears often are lines like ' well done but you could have done better if...', ' you look great but ...' , nothing good ever follows those lines and it sure is not constructive criticism that follows.

It is in effect the sound of one hand clapping as opposed to a round of applause. Haters don't get too far in life, if you have nothing good to say , please shut up!

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